Some of the Frequently Asked Questions About Thermador Repairs

For the most frequently asked questions about Thermador repairs, our experts at Thermador Repairs answer some of them here! Please don't hesitate to call our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives today for additional in-depth information!
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  • What causes the Thermador refrigerator compressor not to work?
  • When your Thermador refrigerator compressor is not working, several things might cause it. A high voltage spike, unclean condenser coils, refrigerant issues, and ordinary wear and tear are among them. If the motor is making a small humming sound yet, the temperature is above what it should be, and there is a chance that the compressor is malfunctioning.
  • Why is my Thermador Refrigerator leaking water under my unit?
  • If your Thermador Refrigerator is leaking water and accumulates at the bottom of your fridge, the defrost tube is the most probable suspect. This tube can get clogged with ice or debris, causing water to back up and spill back into the fridge. Incorrect connections may also cause damage or compromise to the waterline.
  • Why is my Thermador Refrigerator water tray overflowing?
  • When your Thermador Refrigerator water tray is overflowing, it may be due to high ambient humidity, a leak in the door gaskets or the ice dispenser, clogged drain, frozen drain line, damaged drain pan, or having condenser fan issues. This issue can be caused by frequently opening the refrigerator or freezer door.
  • What makes my Thermador Refrigerator produce unusual noises?
  • When your Thermador Refrigerator is making noise or emits a humming sound, it is often caused by a dirty or clogged compressor coil. Compressors produce low-frequency humming or buzzing noises as part of their usual operation. However, if the refrigerator noise becomes too loud, you should contact a certified expert, such as us here at Thermador Repairs.
  • How to avoid a Thermador Refrigerator frost buildup?
  • Thermador Refrigerator frost buildup happens when warm or humid air comes into touch with the cool evaporator coils in your fridge. To avoid this, try not to open the door too frequently and don't leave it open for too long. Also, check the door hinges and gaskets for any torn or damaged or ensure your fridge is level, so the doors stay closed as much as possible.
  • Why is my Thermador Wine Cooler not cooling?
  • A damaged evaporator can be the cause of your Thermador Wine Cooler not cooling. It might be due to ice accumulation. Examine the evaporator to check if it has ice on it. Check if the evaporator's fan blades are in excellent condition as they might get clogged or filthy. Clean up any debris surrounding the fan or component to resolve the issue.
  • How do I know that my Thermador Refrigerator door gasket seal needs replacing?
  • Check the condition of your refrigerator gaskets every 12 months or so. The paper test is one method for determining whether the Thermador Refrigerator door gasket seal needs replacing is the best solution. All you need to do is close the door, place a piece of paper between it and the fridge, and then pull. If the paper readily slides out, it's time to change the gaskets since it's not sealing.
  • Why is my Thermador dishwasher making noise all of a sudden?
  • Whenever your Thermador dishwasher making noise, it might be due to a faulty wash arm seal or bearing ring. These are plastic rings that support the wash arm or spray arm and allow the arm to revolve. Either of these components might be loose, damaged, or worn, leading the spray arm to malfunction. 
  • Do you utilize the best quality Thermador refrigerator door hinge replacement parts?
  • Yes, we at Thermador Repairs are committed to using only the manufacturer's recommended replacement components, especially to your Thermador refrigerator door hinge issues. These parts will outlive, outperform inferior parts, and will guarantee to long-last throughout its useful life, so expect your Thermador fridge door seal properly for more years to come.
  • Why should I rely on you whenever my Thermador Refrigerator condenser coil needs cleaning?
  • Whenever your Thermador refrigerator condenser coil needs cleaning, we are the finest choice! We are not completely trained to handle all of your service needs, but we are devoted to providing you with the exceptional same-day service possible. We have your refrigerator cleaning and servicing needs covered! Furthermore, our specialists are available 7-days a week, any time of the day you need them!
  • Why should I trust Thermador Repairs whenever my Thermador range igniter is not working?
  • At Thermador Repairs, we provide high-quality and efficient repairs for all Thermador appliances, including a Thermador Range igniter not working. Because of our many years of hands-on expertise, we are familiar with virtually all of the typical difficulties and can manage them in a timely and efficient manner. Hiring us will get your appliance running again in no time!
  • Do I need service repairs when my Thermador range gas burner doesn't ignite?
  • If your unit serves you undercooked or overdone food, your Thermador Range gas burner probably won't ignite. We at Thermador Repairs can help you get your baked goods and savory dishes back on the table quickly with our most cost-effective Thermador range repairs. You have nothing to worry about as we have fully stocked service parts to ensure we get your faulty appliance working optimally again!
  • How do I know if my Thermador range heating element is not working?
  • Whenever you notice an element that is not bright orange, has signs of wear, food is not cooked evenly, the unit is dirty, or a skyrocketing electric bill, then it might be a sign of your Thermador range heating element is not working or broken. Whenever you need the best Thermador range repair, give our experts a call!
  • Why does my Thermador Range smell like gas when turned on?
  • If your Thermador Range smells gas when turned on, this is typical and should not be a reason for concern because the odor will fade shortly. If you still smell gas after a few minutes, there might be a leak. Do not continue to use the range. Turn off the burner first, then the main gas supply. A skilled appliance repair expert will need to inspect the appliance for leaks or weak connections.
  • Why should I call you whenever I experience my Thermador electric cooktop have electrical wiring issues?
  • We at Thermador Repairs realize that when it comes to fixing your high-end Thermador appliances, such as having Thermador electric cooktop electrical wiring issues, you need peace of mind. So, you can be confident that we have the knowledge and skills to provide high-quality and trustworthy repair service in the region that you can rely on, no matter the cause of the problem!

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